About Us

The birth of the brand marees initially started roughly over 10 years ago when  we would hold large bbqs for friends and family throughout the summers. They were large gatherings where we would have a range of foods all seasoned differently and we used to make a few different sauces for the foods.  

From then i noticed we had a knack for creating great flavours within food and Marees natural cooking skill set was way beyond average and her knowledge of food from all over the world and her knowledge on cooking methods where truly outstanding, that coupled with my eye for a great opportunity within the hospitality industry marees was brought to life,

It was only called marees sauces back then.

Fast forward a year or two ahead and we created 4-6 different sauces and a food menu which we tested out with the help of friends and family. They would come round and eat or we delivered to a friend or two.

With the test going well the next plan was to find a restaurant to lease or to buy a food truck.

Unfortunately in 2015 i had major problems with my body which affected me from the waist down and was rendering me disabled. Towards the end of that year after I was unable to rehabilitate myself through holistic methods, my disabilities gradually worsened to where I had to have an operation.

After the operation it was time for rehabilitation so I started to search the internet to gain as much info about the body and about general health and well being. I started to look at how food affects our body which wasn’t the cause of the ailment but i thought it may be able to help me to a swifter recovery or vica versa to degrees my health further.

It was through this research that I stumbled across how dairy, sugars, sulphate salts and meat affect our bodies, which then lead to me looking into how acidity and alkalinity play a key factor within our health throughout our lives and these two states are dependent on what we consume.

To my surprise, through my ongoing research I found that red meat, processed meat, salt, sugar and dairy foods cause inflammation within the human body. I also saw that fruits and veg helped with my rehabilitation through the different vitamins and minerals that are within fruits and veg. This was the start to my plant based journey and I never looked back.

Some time past and I came across a restaurant which we created a plant based menu for and entered the hospitality sector. Eventually we branched off into making food products which brings us up to the present day.

Who said vegan food had to be bland???

At Marees we believe we all Should be able to enjoy highly delectable food which is good for you. 

Mission Statement

We first and foremost aim to provide a high quality service to all our customers.

We aim to ensure that each and every one of our products all have the same consistent high quality through preparation to packaging and are always made with love.

Our aim at Marees was to create simple but high quality food products, using natural ingredients to create highly delectable well flavoured food products without the use of GMOs or chemical additives or preservatives.

To add variety to the vegan diet.

Also for us to create healthy alternative products with our own special recipes.

To show how a simply made product can be used in many different ways to diversify the way you eat.