Marees Chickpea Patty Burger

Prep: 20min
Cook: 15min
Serves: 4

This delicious oven-baked burger patty is served with mixed salad, sweet onion chutney, garnished hummus on a vegan toasted bun. Goes perfect with sweet potato fries or chunky wedges.


1 pack marees chickpea patty
1 medium red onion
2 large beefy tomatoes
8 round lattuce leaves washed and dried
4 tbsp onion chutney
4 tbsp hummus
2 tbsp grapeseed oil 4 vegan burger buns


Step 1:

Heat oven to 20c/180fan/gas mark 6. Open marees chickpea patties and lightly brush each one with grapeseed oil then put the patties on a baking try lined with parchment.cooked for 13-15min until warm through and beginning to brown

Step 2:

Heat grill to medium and toast cut sides of the burger buns for 2 min or until golden brown. Top each base bun with the a couple of round lattuce leaves then put the patties on the top of the lattuce add beefy tomatoes, 1tbsp of onion chutney,1 tbsp hummus and slice red onions. Press on the toasted bun tops and serve with chips or any side you desire enjoy….